Food on the road

I’ve been on a road trip for a month or so and as such have had the opportunity to randomly sample a cross section of food in several states/regions/price ranges/types of eatery and so on. After some sixty meals the dishes that stick out are as follows:

A bowl of chili ($5.50) in Butte, MT at the grill and bar in The Metals Bank Building. Without doubt the best chili I have ever had.

A plate of sautéed shrimp with grits and tasso gravy ($21) at the Oyster House on Market, Charleston, SC. The best grits I’ve had including the many I’ve had in New Orleans.

At Bella’s Mexican Grill in Taos, NM we had guacamole ($10 I think) creamed and mixed up at the table according to one’s desired blend of onions, garlic, coriander, and chili peppers. The critical thing, of course, is that one needs to start with top-notch avocados . . . the rest is so easy and it was the best guacamole I’ve ever had. The chips themselves were perfect and were interspersed with little baskets that seemed to be made of tapioca to scoop up the guacamole. The prevalence of Mexican food across the country was quite astonishing and the most consistent quality-wise and always a good deal.

And just for the sheer novelty value I include candy floss (or as you Americans call it, cotton candy) served as pudding (dessert) at The Hive, Bentonville, AR. (Also worth noting is that the hotel in which The Hive is located was immensely civilized and amusing, offsetting the unabashed trendiness of the joint).