Bayou Maharajah

Now that Bayou Maharajah has had an airing at the ultimately inconsequential bricks and mortar “vanity marketing” film festivals (good for the CV but not for the bank account) and other miscellaneous one-off showings, the broader populace can now view this documentary via the usual streaming outlets. It’s such a shame that they all have the independent filmmaker over a barrel — their business models are not conducive to reinvesting in new content. Lily Keber would do well to follow her colleague Win Riley‘s lead by giving a straight up outfit like mediAm a go. Anyway, as a massive fan of the great James Booker I encourage you to check out Lily’s excellent directorial debut — so glad that she turned out to be a safe pair of hands for this project. (The DVD was supposed to be released in June but is now scheduled for later this month).