Blaire White: A Real Life Lola

No doubt Blaire gets the plantation regressives’ (is there any other sort?) knickers in a twist — well goody! While Blaire has sharp insights into a range of SJW fuckwittery, it is her take on transgender that is of particular interest (check out her youtube channel). It’s amazing that so many regressives and cucks (academics, pundits) are pissing in the wind by being tied to their respective mainstream click bait. As I’ve said before, like unskilled surfers, these know-alls have their eye on a given wave, oblivious of the sets and (cultural) swell.

The Left often fights wars that we don’t ask them to . . . they often screw over the people they claim to be fighting for and have coopted — BW

A whirlwind debate . . . fed by partisan hackery — DR