The people’s guitarist

Lovely article on the backdrop to Rory Gallagher’s legendary Irish Tour ’74. I have a sense that there has been a recent resurgence in Rory.

Rory was at pains to point out he wasn’t active in any sense politically. But he felt very strongly that he should be allowed to play in Northern Ireland and the Republic . . . it is impossible to find anyone with a cross word for Gallagher. The shy, thoughtful, gently spoken man who turned into the most dynamic performer onstage was hardly the archetypal guitar god.

Also it’s really worth checking out Ghost Blues — The Story Of Rory Gallagher which of course I’ve already previously posted — but one can’t get enough of this special and thoroughly decent being. If anyone literally came alive on stage, it was Rory. The man’s existential commitment to his craft is palpable — and unlike many, it never left him and he never relied on the circus and bread mentality that others descended to. If you don’t know Rory’s work, here is a knowledgeable run down on some classic tracks.