Go, Johnny, Go

John Lydon thankfully has the balls, the independence of mind, the honesty, the integrity and the intelligence to carry the baton that Frank Zappa held for so long — they have the same vested interests and moral hypocrites in their sights. John called out that fucker Jimmy Saville way back in ’78 but of course the BBC “intelligentsia” took no notice.

On a different topic also thanks John (and Elton John) for calling out Elvis Costello — I knew that of late that he was a musical phony (I don’t know how Allen Toussaint and the producers of Treme were taken in by him) but anyway I had no idea that he was such a gormless weasel. Thanks John Lydon for also adding Russell Brand and Louise Mensch to the list of celeb fuckwits . . .

Check out the interview below with John plugging his autobiography. Never mind the grammar or diction — that’s what makes Louis Armstrong’s memoir of his early years in New Orleans so brilliant since it captures his voice — and that’s the point of Lydon’s book as well. In any event, John and Louis’ language is infinitely more expressive than ostensibly schooled folk now with 40% of their word power constituted by the inappropriate use of the word “like”. It makes me want to retch.