Frampton is still alive and well

. . . and hanging around in Nashville. It was 40 years ago (crikey!) that the early stirrings of Frampton Comes Alive! began it’s juggernaut domination of the charts. Thoroughly underrated (tarnished by the teen idol label) people seem to overlook that along with Jimmy Page, PF at 14 was possibly the youngest working serious musician on the scene. Part of the appeal of Frampton was I think that his music was upbeat and he was just a very assessible geezer whose success we were happy for. Somehow he lost his mojo symbolised by the parting of his beloved guitar, amazingly rescued from the wreck of a plane crash with which he was only reunited after 31 years — see last clip. And yes, PF is still up to the task of making good music — notably his last outing Thank You Mr. Churchill. And let’s not forget that it was his school chum a one Dave Jones that reinvogorated PF’s career as guitarist albeit on that immensely crap Glass Spider tour. And yes, Peter there are many of us who support your policy of keeping phone photos/recording fuckery to the first three songs — and that’s two songs too much.