Stars Send off Allen Toussaint with his Own Tunes

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 9.34.05 AM

Only in N.O. — click above image for 15 minute video footage of second line in spite what Keith reports AT wanted below. In any event, a second line was what made me fall in love with N.O.

As I anticipated, the very excellent Keith Spera on Allen Toussaint’s send off with a whose who in attendance :

Though very much a public figure who reveled in his countless interactions with strangers, Toussaint was also extremely private. Over the years, he had discussed plans for his funeral with his son. Reggie Toussaint said Friday that his father did not want a spectacle, or even a second-line parade.

To that end, his casket was closed. Saturday’s burial will be private, and Friday’s program, like its honoree, was elegant, restrained and finely tuned.

Allen Toussaint.