20th Century Boy: The Marc Bolan Story

This BBC radio programme is far more informative and insightful than all the videoed stuff put together. Bolan unfortunately labored under the teen idol ascription which made many in the day keep quite about their admiration for him. Glad this has all changed.

36 years after Marc Bolan’s death, Paul Sexton presents an updated repeat of his 2007 profile, with a stellar cast list including David Bowie, Bernie Taupin, Noel Gallagher, David Gilmour, producer Tony Visconti, Bolan’s girlfriend Gloria Jones and their son Rolan. The revised version also features archive from Marc’s friend and earliest media supporter, John Peel.

The programme charts Bolan’s long journey from the streets of Hackney in north London, via early singles in his own name and as a member of John’s Children, to his ultimate glam rock superstardom at the helm of T. Rex.