The Killer

Let me tell ya something about Jerry Lee Lewis, ladies and gentlemen: I am a rock and rollin’, country-and-western, rhythm and blues-singin’ motherfucker.

Given the bombast, his private life and his showmanship, it’s no surprise that Jerry Lee has had such appeal to the likes of Jimmy Page, Keef and a whole roster of A list rockers as per Last Man Standing. It’s quite amazing that he’s scheduled to appear at Jazzfest this year. This is possibly the Killer’s most important gig since the piano Yalta Fats & Friends. In light of a recent cancellation, let’s hope he makes it:

To all my fans…my bad back just gave out on me again and my doctor has ordered me to rest it before I can travel. I will make up this show as soon as I am able. — The Killer

I’m looking forward to reading his recent biography. A terrific documentary on Jerry is available here in full — feel the love and respect. Every guest here is the best they can be and not merely going through the motions — all the songs standing the test of time:

Here is another good documentary: