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Houses of the Holy @ 50

Released on this date in 1973. An insightful assessment by someone who hadn’t been born yet. And by someone who was. Abigail Devoehouses of the holyjimmy pagejohn bonhamjohn paul jonesLed ZeppelinMichael NolandRobert Plant

Page @ 78

What’s that he’s rolling across the stage, it looks like the one used by Jimmy Page, like a relic from a different age — Rock Show, Wings IMHO, rock and roll’s Wagner guitarjimmy pageLed ZeppelinWagner

Lonnie Donegan

Born on this date, the father of British skiffle. See Bruce Eder’s bio-sketch and Mark Kermode’s “My 20-year love affair with the joy of skiffle“ Jimmy Page, aged 14, appeared on television playing guitar in a well-groomed schoolboy skiffle combo. ‘And are you going to continue to play skiffle when you leave school?’ asked the interviewer…

Jimbo @ 75

This article from five years ago. Just the other night after a long gap, I watched The Song Remains the Same again with a chum who hadn’t seen it before. Even on a first viewing, the in-your-face pomposity of it all, still didn’t detract from the music that steamrollers one into complete submission. guitarjimmy pageLed…

Robert Plant: A Life

This is really the first biography of Plant. On balance it’s decent enough but still a pedestrian effort that doesn’t really add much more to what we already know. To Paul Rees’ credit he keeps the speculative temptation that Zep always courted to a minimum. I think that a bio by the very excellent rock…

Link Wray

The unmistakeable early master of the power chord born on this date. This year also marks 10 years since he died. See the sheer delight and appreciation that Jimmy Page displays: guitarjimmy pagelink wraymusicpower chordsrock ‘n roll

The Killer

Let me tell ya something about Jerry Lee Lewis, ladies and gentlemen: I am a rock and rollin’, country-and-western, rhythm and blues-singin’ motherfucker. Given the bombast, his private life and his showmanship, it’s no surprise that Jerry Lee has had such appeal to the likes of Jimmy Page, Keef and a whole roster of A…