New York restaurant with NOLA flair

Paul Gerard interview.

The Braiser: I fricken’ love anything that has to do with New Orleans; I lived there for a while. I think anyone who’s stayed there for a while gets homesick afterwards, and just gravitates towards anything relating to New Orleans.

Paul Gerard: It’s so true. You know the song, “You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans”? It goes from anybody who spent a weekend at Jazzfest, to somebody who went to Tulane, to someone who’s lived there for quite some time. It sticks with you, it’s in your soul. You know?

I do know. It’s kinda pathetic.

No, those are the good points, not pathetic! That was one of the best things about New Orleans: you could do whatever you wanted and nobody would say anything because next weekend it might be them.