Walking, dawdling and eating beignets in New Orleans

Sums it up really:

But the best concert I saw cost nothing, at what has to be the best free venue in New Orleans, Three Muses on Frenchmen Street, in the Seventh Ward, just outside the French Quarter. Why? It’s intimate but not crowded. (While the staff members at the door don’t collect covers, they do count bodies, making sure there is always breathing space.) The performer was Glen David Andrews, a trombonist familiar to most locals, and fans of the HBO series “Treme,” but not to me. Dressed immaculately in a three-button beige suit, he played the crowd with as much finesse as he did his instrument. At one point he said, deadpan, “My name is Wynton Marsalis,” evoking chuckles. I turned to the guy next to me and asked, “Who is this guy?”
“The best performer in New Orleans,” he replied.
“Then why is it free?”
“Because this is New Orleans.”
Actually, by the end of the gig, I had spent a worthwhile $22: $5.50 ($1.50 tip) for an IPA from NOLA Brewing Co. and $15 for Andrews’s CD, “Live at Three Muses.”