Mary “Bunt” Townsend Percy

I was curious to find out whether or not “Bunt” Percy was still alive since it was she that nudged her husband Walker into reading Confederacy. As Cory MacLauchlin tells it:

Walker said to Bunt, “You read it. Tell me what to do with it.” A few days later, Walker asked Bunt what she thought of the novel. She understood that the fate of the book largely lay in her hands. “It’s ready for you,” Bunt replied. “I think you should read it.” He knew that she approved of the book. Holding respect for her judgment, he was obliged to give Toole a chance.

Bunt died recently but her obituary makes no mention of this. Thanks to Cory for setting the record straight and giving this lady her due: it may well be that were it not for her, one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century might not have seen the light of day despite the formidable Thelma Toole being the driving force. As Cory says, it was the females that first recognized Toole’s talent.

Another obituary that has absolutely no connection with Bunt is the news that Barbara Donald has died. I did meet her but can’t recollect the circumstances though I suspect it was at some PNW gig or maybe even at TESC.