Steve Pyke Talks About His Work

The wonderfully talented photographic portraitist Steve Pyke talks about how he came to photographing philosophers. A fascinating project that seemed to emerge. I guess it took someone like Pyke who wasn’t familiar with their work not to be dazzled. He talks about his editorial background and editing sensibility. Click here for the half hour programme. I very much like this shot of Hampshire who he talks about:

Stuart Hampshire, Oxford, 5 July 1990

Truth, Existence, Knowledge, Causality, Identity, Goodness: these are the principal notions which philosophers examine. Intelligent persons normally have thoughtful and useful lives without pausing to look into these notions and into the connections between them. Once one starts to look into them, it is difficult to stop. The looking becomes part of life, and in some cases a large part.

Here is a photo of Pyke himself and a link to his Wikipedia page.