Oakeshott ’09 Programme




NOVEMBER 12-14, 2009


6:30 PM   Check-in—Foyer of Armstrong Browning Library

7:00 PM   Dinner in Cox Reception Hall

7:45-9:00   Address—Timothy Fuller


8:30-9:00  Coffee service

9:00 -10:15  Address—Roger Scruton: “Politics and Conversation”

10:30-12:00   Panel 1: Oakeshott and Strauss on Hobbes

Kang Chen: What Does It Take to Be Modern, and (Why) Should We Care?: Strauss contra Oakeshott on Hobbes

Silviya Lechner: The Morality of Individuality: Oakeshott and Strauss on Hobbes

Quentin P. Taylor: Michael Oakeshott and the Liberal Hobbes

Chair and Discussant: TBA

12:00-2:00   LUNCH AND BREAK

2-3:30   Panel 2: Politics/Political Theory

Roy Tseng: Scepticism in Politics: A Dialogue between Oakeshott and Dunn

M. Jeffrey Rabin: How Michael Oakeshott is the Philosopher for Our Age

Conor Williams: Oakeshott’s On Human Conduct: Connections Between Non-Foundational Politics and Human Cravings for Solidarity

Ferenc Hörcher: The interpretation of the concept of political phronesis in Oakeshott, Strauss and Voegelin

Chair and Discussant: Corey Abel

4-5:30   Panel 3: The Nature of Philosophy and Its Relation to Politics

Michael Henkel and Oliver Lemcke: Against Platonism: An Oakeshottian Critique of Voegelin and Strauss

John Coats: “Theory and Practice” in Oakeshott, Strauss and Voegelin

Till Kinzel: The Place of Politics in a Philosophical Education: Reflections on the Thought of Michael Oakeshott and Leo Strauss

Suvi Soininen: Philosophy and its relationship to politics; some touching points of Oakeshott’s and Strauss’ thinking

Chair and Discussant: David Corey

Dinner: On your own


8:30-9:00   Coffee Service

9:00-10:15  Address—Robert Grant

10:30-12:00   Panel 4: Tradition and Historical Explanation

Martin Woessner: The Critique of Historical Reason and Its Political Consequences: Heidegger, Oakeshott, and Strauss

Lorraine Krall: Oakeshott: In Defense of Tradition

Chor-Yung Cheung: Skepticism, Poetic Imagination and the Art of Non-Instrumentality: Oakeshott and Chuang Tzu

Kenneth B. McIntyre: ‘What’s Gone and What’s Past Help…’:  Oakeshott and Strauss on Historical Explanation

Chair and Discussant: Paul Franco

12:00-2:00   LUNCH AND BREAK

2:00-3:30   Panel 5: Religion; Athens and Jerusalem

Ralph Hancock: Reason, Revelation, and the Problem of Technology in Leo Strauss

Eric Kos: Modernism in Religion: The Idealist’s Approach to Science and Religion

Matthew Sitman: Politics After Babel: Michael Oakeshott, Reinhold Niebuhr, and the Theological Defense of Modernity

Chair and Discussant: Elizabeth Corey

4:00-5:30   Panel 6: Modernity and Politics in the Western World

Noël O’Sullivan: Constitutionalism and modernity in Oakeshott, Strauss and Voegelin

William Mathie: What is Modernity?

Attila Molnar:  The problem of political knowledge and action in the criticism of Modernity

Ivo Mosley:  The Illusion of Democracy

Chair and Discussant: Richard Friedman

6pm till  Closing: Dinner and Reception

at the Coreys’ house, 500 North Park Avenue, Waco