Cognitive Systems and the Extended Mind

I want to give an early plug for Rob Rupert’s forthcoming book Cognitive Systems and the Extended Mind. Though I haven’t read the book, I have read pretty much everything else Rob has written. Rob is one of the most serious-minded and one of the most talented philosophers around. Rob doesn’t merely crank out “clever” stuff – when Rob writes, it’s very thoughtful. Philosophy at its best. 

Rob, along with Adams and Aizawa, is one of the small band of EM critics. Rob’s book is eagerly anticipated: it finally allows him set out in fine-grained detail his critique  taking cognisance of Andy Clark’s recent Supersizing the Mind and Adams and Aizawa’s Bounds of Cognition. With these three books one might say that the EM literature has come of age some ten years after Clark and Chalmers’ landmark paper.