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Walter Laqueur

New York Times — Washington Post The possibility that Europe will become a museum or a cultural amusement park for the nouveau riche of globalization is not completely out of the question. HistoryHolocaustIsraelJewsterrorismWalter LaqueurZionism

Contemporary Left Antisemitism

Discussion here within the British context and from someone very well-placed to offer an overview of the problem: it’s easy to see similar trends in the US, CA and elsewhere. Aside from Red Ken, Corbyn and the like, the most despicable of characters are the regressive Jews, those trying ever so harder than even the bog…

Zionism and the Black Church

Discovering that there were African-Americans in the 1970s who were also offended at the outrageous notion that ‘Zionism is Racism’, and voiced their loud and eloquent opposition, I was comforted. I took great pride in knowing that Black leaders in the U.S. not only condemned that ‘Zionism is Racism’ lie, but stood boldly with their…