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Understanding the Tacit

My chum Steve Turner has a new book out. It has much Oakeshott interest and as many will know Steve has been a longstanding Oakeshott commentator. For me, one of his key articles is “Tradition and Cognitive Science: Oakeshott’s Undoing of the Kantian Mind”, a piece that I reference quite regularly. OK, so the book…

More Oakeshottiana

Michael Oakeshott and Hans-Georg Gadamer on Practices, Social Science, and Modernity by Edmund Neill Continental philosophyHans-Georg GadamerHermeneuticsmodernityPhilosophyphilosophy of social sciencePolitical philosophypracticeSocial scienceTradition

Tradition is a Temple

Here are a couple of trailers from this eagerly awaited documentary or a hymn to the life blood that infuses NOLA. TRADITION IS A TEMPLE  explores New Orleans’ unique musical culture and the fragility of tradition in the modern world. Intimate discussions with contemporary New Orleans musicians highlight their history, upbringing and how tradition has shaped their…

25 Years of Jazz at Lincoln Center

Right on Wynton – an amazing achievement. His intense belief that jazz must be based on swing rhythms fused with elements of the blues and firmly rooted in black traditional music has long rubbed many in the jazz community the wrong way. JazzJazz at Lincoln CenterLincoln Center for the Performing ArtsTraditionWynton Marsalis

Stigmergy Structures and Yom Kippur

Here is a rather obscure and confused invocation of stigmergy. Our habits, the way we present ourselves to others and the persona we have created, our social context – all these things constrain us, limit our capacity for change, and drag the “old” us into any attempt to start afresh. Kol Nidre annuls those vows…