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Baby Huey: 50 years on

No self-respecting funkster can do without this foundational album. Born on this day, and come October, it will have 50 years since Baby Huey’s death. Baby HueyCurtis Mayfielddonny hathawayfunkpsychedelic funkpsychedelic soulsoul

Chicago’s Musical Memory

On a recent visit to Chicago I didn’t get the sense that Chicago memorializes their native (or adoptive) musical sons very diligently. This article confirms this impression: worth following the links in this article. This recently released collection by Rhino commemorates Curtis Mayfield’s 50 years as a solo artist and this year marks 20 years since Mayfield’s…

NOLA music picks

Here are my favourites from this year’s releases. In effect, a masterclass by each. OffBeat reviews here and here. Cajuncountryfunkin businessLouisianamusicnew orleansShamarr AllensoulYvette Landry

Lou Rawls

Born on this day, one of my favourite vocalists. None other than Bobby Womack references Rawls in a song of his.   bobby womacklou rawlsmusicsoul

Don’t be Afraid

I highly recommend Tami Neilson’s album “Don’t be Afraid” which I’ve been listening to for the past week after having seen her blistering live performance. The album’s been out for a couple of years: exclaim! and BluesBlast pretty much get her authentic talent. For me it’s the lovely seamless blend of gospel, country, soul and rockabilly: all the…