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Booker T Jones

A lifelong ambition to see Booker T live came to fruition this past weekend. This was no master lazily going through the “greatest hits” motions but a whistle-sharp musical genius taking us on the amazing Stax journey and surrounded with younger extremely talented musicians and vocalists doing justice to foundational songs — Knock on Wood and…

Shirley Mae Goodman

New Orleanian Shirley died on this day. Shame, Shame, Shame is one of my favourite duet tracks of all time. I never did think of this as disco. Jesus Alvareznewnorthern soulshirley & companyShirley Mae Goodmansoul musicSylvia Robinson

Benjamin & The Dreamdancers

Thank you Kurtis Powers and Scott Birksted for bringing our attention to Benjamin And The Dreamdancers (bravo to Daptone yet again) and for a great show on The Face Radio. Very much looking forward to the upcoming show on Curtis. KTF! Benjamin And The DreamdancersCurtis Mayfielddaptone recordsfunknorthern soulpsychedelic funksoul music

The Cosimo Code

To commemorate the birth of Cosimo Matassa here is a newly launched website with everything you wanted to know about the legend and much more. Very nicely done indeed. Unsurprisingly, there is a vital UK connection in cracking the cataloging code and reconstituting the library of recordings, i.e. the obsessive need to track down obscure US records…

Ernie K-Doe

The birthday of one of New Orleans’ great characters. Read all about Ernie here. Antoinette also led a tongue-in-cheek campaign for K-Doe’s election for mayor of hurricane-ravaged New Orleans in 2006, five years after his death. She is quoted as saying, “He’s the only one qualified—that’s my opinion.” Ben SandmelErnie K-Doemother-in-law loungenew orleanssoul music

Curtis Mayfield – 10 of the best

A little bit of online filler concerning Curtis. Stevie Chick knows his stuff alright and however contentious these list-type articles inevitably are, if they serve to draw you into the genius that is Mayfield, well and good. I’d have “The Makings of You” and “Give It Up” on the list, two very bitter-sweet and tender songs. Stevie…

Northern Soul: Whatever Happened to . . .

Inspired by the track listing for the film (and beyond) of Northern Soul classics, I thought I’d see whatever happened to these wonderful artists, for the most part those that aren’t or never were well-known. The links below are the best I could come up with. Many artists are of course no longer with us,…