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Shirley Mae Goodman

New Orleanian Shirley died on this day. Shame, Shame, Shame is one of my favourite duet tracks of all time. I never did think of this as disco. Jesus Alvareznewnorthern soulshirley & companyShirley Mae Goodmansoul musicSylvia Robinson

Northern Soul: Whatever Happened to . . .

Inspired by the track listing for the film (and beyond) of Northern Soul classics, I thought I’d see whatever happened to these wonderful artists, for the most part those that aren’t or never were well-known. The links below are the best I could come up with. Many artists are of course no longer with us,…

Northern Soul

Not really knowing what to expect except that I was hopeful that since this film had Steve Coogan and his production company behind it, it would be half decent. (Having recently sat through the absolutely irritatingly cliched shite that is Woman in Gold) it came as a relief that despite the unflinching grittiness (think extreme…