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Blue & Lonesome

The latest Stones album has dropped. The reviews seem to be universally glowing and for a change devoid of the tired journalistic cliches that typically accompany a Stones release, not too mention the accompanying label hype that “this is the best thing they have done since . . .  Tattoo You/Some Girls/Exile on Main Street” — you…

Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter, blues guitarist, dies aged 70 (Below, the first JW album I heard, very different from much that dominated the charts in ’73. In particular his performance on The Old Grey Whistle Test was striking). bluesguitarJohnny Wintermuddy watersmusicRolling Stones

Diamond Dogs @ 40

One of the more thoughtful assessments of an album that met with almost universal derision in 1974 both in terms of the presentation (pipping the Stones’ Guy Peellaert cover for “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll” to the post) and the “raw” sound. Though I concede it’s not one of Bowie’s best, Diamond Dogs retains a…

Keef @ 70

Glad you are still very much with us  . . . who’d have thought. (And of course Happy Birthday to Bobby Keys, Keef’s partner in mischief.) Keith Richardsmusicrock and rollRolling Stones