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La Fin du Monde

Given that these days it seems the world is going to hell in a handbasket, here’s an appropriately named beer to help ease the pain. I’m not a great fan of wheat beer (though I quite like the dark German variations) this trappist style brew from Quebec is a great all rounder balance-wise and is quite possibly…

Cigar packaging idiocy

City Cigar reports (with source document) on the Canadian Government’s white paper “Potential measures for regulating the appearance, shape and size of tobacco packages and of tobacco products.” (Can you imagine a box of Behike 52s in plain wrapping? — it’s absolute fucking nonsense). While I’m no fan of ubiquitous marketing and branding tripe, these proposed…

Booker’s vs. Taylor

I just can’t choose between these two — a tied verdict. Other opinions here and here. (Update: I’m inclined towards the Taylor. It is smoother but the Booker’s has a gorgeous nose). alcoholbooker’s bourbonbourbongastronomyqualiataylor bourbon

Rick’s Picks smokra

Time for something gastronomical. Without doubt the best pickled Okra I’ve had. Double the price of your standard supermarket bottle, but really worth it. And from Brooklyn! Really smokey, the Islay of pickled veg. gastronomyokrapicklesqualiaRick FieldRick’s Picks

Consciousness Is Not Mysterious

Michael Graziano in The Atlantic Artificial intelligencebrain scienceCognitive neuroscienceColin McGinncomplexityConnectionismconsciousnessFriedrich HayekMichael GrazianomysterianismphenomenologyPhilosophy of mindqualiaself-referentialthe hard problem

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon

I agree with Jason and most of the comments that this is disappointing, overpriced and like so many claims made by the majors for their small-batch premium tipples, this really doesn’t live up to the marketing hype. Stick with good ‘ol budget Bulleit. bourbonbulleitgastronomyqualiawhiskeywoodford bourbon

Ethiopian Beer

Don’t you just love being pleasantly surprised gastronomically? Though I have never had a mediocre  Ethiopian meal I was expecting a second-rate watery larger as one typically gets in Thai, Chinese and Japanese restaurants. At an Ethiopian restaurant in Berkeley I was expecting more of the same but got this, which to my mind performed…


Despite recent rumblings in the chocolate world here is a fantastic pairing. All that is needed to make an outrageously quailic threesome is a Cohiba Behike 52. Dram>Choc>Dram>Puff — repeat. The vulgarity and noise of the world guaranteed to be silenced. Behikedick taylor chocolategastronomylagavulin 16qualiasingle malt

Isle of Jura Superstition

As ever, a most thoughtful assessment from Jason Debly. As an Islay “peathead” myself, I don’t think that this would disappoint others. Jason, I notice, has also weighed in on the recent Crown Royal kerfuffle which I mentioned here. alcoholJason DeblyjuraqualiaScotch whiskysingle malt

Chef’s Table

Having viewed each episode of Chef’s Table (season 1) I’m of the view that the collective minds of these six chefs comprise an infinitely more authentic philosophical disposition than is to be found in most current philosophy departments. Here we have chefs that are the philosophers of practice par excellence, they are passionate, they are well and…