La Fin du Monde

Given that these days it seems the world is going to hell in a handbasket, here’s an appropriately named beer to help ease the pain. I’m not a great fan of wheat beer (though I quite like the dark German variations) this trappist style brew from Quebec is a great all rounder balance-wise and is quite possibly Canada’s best beer — and moreover, the price is right. I’ve been drinking this for around 12 years since it was easily available in Maine, just across the border. If you appreciate 3 Monts from La Brasserie de St-Sylvestre then I suspect this beer will be for you too (a brewery I have visited). As with all such beers it is somewhat tricker than usual to pour (just be patient if you don’t want a massive head): Unibroue recommends a tulip receptacle (unlike in Germany where they use the tall weizen glasses). I’ve seen it being poured allowing the yeast residue into the glass which I wouldn’t recommend unless you want to wake up as pissed as you were before you went to sleep and now with a mighty hangover. Though there are some very good West Coast  (BC, WA, OR, CA) breweries, they have a tendency to over hop their recipes because so many undiscriminating lifestyle folk (hipster/yuppy types) think that hoppy beer is by definition good beer. It ain’t!