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When Reason Goes On Holiday

Neven Sesardic‘s recent book has really set tongues a wagging (to put it mildly), a book that is freely available here. Below one can hear Nevan talk on the topic. The discussion is all very disconcerting as Joseph Bottum points out in his review. History of PhilosophyJoseph BottumMartin HeideggerNeven SesardicPhilosophyPoliticsReasonregressive left

Yes, Minister

Antony Jay has died. This quote from The Guardian expresses the beauty of idea diversity working in tandem for a higher truth. Their partnership was successful despite their different political allegiances: Jay, the rightwing free marketer, and Lynn, the left-leaning actor, researched and wrote everything together. The Telegraph The Guardian The Independent anthony jaybeaurocrapsPoliticsPrime Ministerregressive…