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Intellectual Yet Idiot

Nassim Nicholas Taleb gives the Platonic rationalist “elites” a mega bitch slap (Original source here). Supplemented by the recent lunacy as per below, I suspect that though philosophers (rightly so) got their knickers in a twist a couple of years ago when deGrasse Tyson slammed the value of philosophy, they’d be well on board with this…

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The Case for Teaching Ignorance

This in the NYT — H/T to Troy Camplin In a paper from a few years ago I had a section in a chapter in Hayek and Behavioral Economics that deals with this notion, a curtain-raiser to a more detailed examination. Taking Ignorance Seriously As already indicated the other component to thinking about complexity resides…


Oakeshott on Civil Association

Here are some extracts from Noel’s essay, the penultimate chapter (also check out two new pieces by Noel found here). The distinctive achievement of Western political thought since the seventeenth century is the ideal of the limited state. Despite extensive theorizing about this ideal, however, there has always been profound disagreement about its precise nature…