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A Double Agent in the Dream of Michael Oakeshott

This still rates as one of my favorite pieces of secondary literature on Oakeshott using it to critical effect in the essay “Constructivism and Relativism in Oakeshott“. Robert Orr, by the way, also wrote a memorable article on Machiavelli. When I asked him why the only books he had in his LSE office (pretty much the complete set of…

Of Men and Manners

Here is a review of Tony Quinton‘s last (and posthumous) work edited by Anthony Kenny (who else would be up to the task?) A. J. Ayeranthony kennyBernardino TelesioFrancis BaconGilbert RyleImmanuel KantJohn DeweyKantof men and mannersQuinton

The Continuum Companion to Kant

Here’s a plug for the aforementioned title notable, to me at least because my chum, inspiration, and occassional co-author, Christian Onof, has the following entries included: Geometry, Mathematics Transcendental Aesthetic Antinomy Categorical Imperative Method (either representation or a priori-a posteriori also made the final version) There are also two short papers on: Kant and Euler, and…