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The greatest sitcom ever made and Walker Percy

I would urge Walker Percy aficionados (and indeed Confederacy of Dunces fans) to view this series (only three seasons) so there’s no “jumping the shark” moment. (Do not bother with the remake). The protagonist’s life is the most Percyean character I’ve come across outside of Percy’s own novels. Even though Simon Heffer doesn’t reference Percy,…

Gottlieb on Toole after Fifty Years

In Robert Gottlieb’s recently published memoir Avid Reader he briefly talks about the fraught relationship he had with Ken Toole. So in barely two pages devoted to Toole and in light of the critical and commercial status that Dunces has achieved worldwide, Gottlieb still dismisses Toole as sophomoric! Even with the benefit of the interim 50…

Catholic Storytelling

Great Catholic narratives grapple with suffering and doubt—experiences that transcend the faith and appeal to readers and viewers of different beliefs — The Atlantic a confederacy of duncesAnthony Burgess.CatholicismEvelyn WaughFlannery O’Connorgraham greeneJohn Kennedy Toolephilosophical literatureShūsaku EndōWalker Percy