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The Sensory Order

The reissue of TSO edited by Viktor Vanberg (originally Chicago University Press) is about to, for some reason, also be published by Routledge. Here is an excerpt from Viktor’s excellent introduction: Among F. A. Hayek’s numerous publications, The Sensory Order (hereafter TSO) is undoubtedly the most unusual. After all, from someone known as an economist…

Social systems: complex adaptive loci of cognition

Recent working paper — Hayek even cited with some Austrians along with Edelman and Maturana and Varela. Cognitioncollective intentionalitycomplexitydistributed knowledgeDynamic systems theoryGerald Edelmanglobal brainHayekmaturanaNiklas LuhmannSimonsocial ontologySocially distributed cognitionthe sensory orderVarela

What Emily Dickinson Can Teach Neuroscience

This from Evan Thompson. As Evan points out the phrase “Wider than the Sky” was first brought to wider attention by Gerald Edelman which I originally read as supporting material for my work on Hayek’s The Sensory Order. Cognitive neuroscienceCognitive scienceemily dickinsonEvan ThompsonExtended MindExternalismGerald EdelmanHayekneurosciencePhilosophy of mindPoetrythe sensory order