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First synthesized LSD trip

On this date in 1943 Albert Hofmann accidentally ingested LSD. Check out this documentary entitled Hofmann’s Potion. Strong Saskatoon connection to LSD research. Albert HofmannAldous HuxleyAlfred Matthew HubbardchemistryconsciousnessdrugsLSD hallucinogenicsneurosciencephilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mindPsychedelicpsychiatryqualiaReligion & SpiritualityschizophreniaTimothy Leary

The Case for Psychedelics

W. Keith Campbell and Brandon Weiss in Quillette. We argue that the decision to ban therapeutic use of psychedelics was a tragic mistake. Brandon WeissconsciousnessdrugsneurosciencePhilosophy of mindPsychologyReligionspiritualityW. Keith Campbell

The first rock n’ roll single?

It is often claimed that the Bartholomew/Domino song “The Fat Man” was the first or one of the first rock ‘n roll records. Whatever, it was recorded on this date 66 years ago at the legendary J&M Studio. What I didn’t know is that it’s a variation on “Junker’s Blues” which in turn apparently morphed into “Junco Partner”.…

Whatever happened to James Wayne?

Given Wayne’s age and life it’s highly probable that he died in complete obscurity quite some time ago. Anyway as you can see in his Wiki entry, he led quite the life. I can hear now why only someone like James Booker and Wayne himself gave the song such heartfelt authenticity (it has been covered…