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First synthesized LSD trip

On this date in 1943 Albert Hofmann accidentally ingested LSD. Check out this documentary entitled Hofmann’s Potion. Strong Saskatoon connection to LSD research. Albert HofmannAldous HuxleyAlfred Matthew HubbardchemistryconsciousnessdrugsLSD hallucinogenicsneurosciencephilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mindPsychedelicpsychiatryqualiaReligion & SpiritualityschizophreniaTimothy Leary

The Philosopher Stoned

Here is a review article going back a few years in The New Yorker on Walter Benjamin‘s relationship to dope. The sessions were recorded in “protocols,” furnishing raw material for what Benjamin intended to be a major book on the philosophical and psychological implications of drug use. PhilosophyWalter Benjamin