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Dr. John’s Gumbo

Released 45 years ago. Original Rolling Stone review. It was partly Harold’s idea, a few years ago, for the former New Orleans session musician, Mac Rebennack, to assume the persona of a mysterious voodoo character Dr. John, and it was Harold who collected the musicians together to concoct the gris-gris sound. bluesDr. Johnfunkmac Rebennackmusicnew orleanspiano

Eating raccoon with Dr. John

I had a birthday dinner at GW Fins — Mac’s predilections for raccoon and squirrel were sadly not on the menu :) — Article in The Times-Picayune   On blues musicians, generally: “I never knew there were so many guys named Slim.” On Aunt Guerneri, who was Sicilian: “She was prejudiced against all Italians.” On iconic record…

Fats, Dave and Mac

Good to see that Fats and Dave were able to attend this showing as per my last post. Here are some lovely shots of the three maestros, Dave ever irrepressible; Fats the quiet one. The best extended research on Fats and Dave is in the excellent book Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of…