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Hayek, Connectionism, and Scientific Naturalism

Here’s is an extract from Joshua Rust’s prize-winning essay from this volume. The above criticisms look at The Sensory Order through the lens of nearly 60 years of work in the philosophy of mind. And it must be emphasized that Hayek’s text appears remarkably neoteric, anticipating both questions and answers in the field that would…

Hayek in Today’s Cognitive Neuroscience

My chum, the extraordinarily distinguished and generous neuroscientist Joaquín Fuster, has this excerpt from his essay: In bold characters I mark the concepts advanced by Hayek in his The Sensory Order. In parentheses, under each conclusion, the text passages are noted in which he makes reference to those concepts: 1. The cognitive code is a relational…

Mind and Machine

Look out for the this forthcoming book by Joel Walmsley. Joel co-wrote with the one and only Andre Kukla a terrific paper a few years back  for one of the early issues of EPISTEME. Alan TuringArtificial intelligenceChinese RoomCognitionCognitive neuroscienceCognitive scienceConnectionismEmbodied cognitionNatural LanguagePhilosophyPhilosophy of mindqualiaTuring test