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Proceedings of the Artificial Life Conference 2016

Available for free download here. The special theme of the conference: How can the synthetic study of living systems contribute to societies: scientifically, technically, and culturally? The goal of the conference theme is to better understand societies with the purpose of using this understanding for a more efficient management and development of social systems. AutopoiesisCarlos GershensonCollective…

Science as collective knowledge

Here is the into to Kristina’s article. In contemporary philosophy of science it has become a truism to claim that scientific knowledge is social knowledge. Yet there is a diversity of views about what is “social” in scientific inquiry and why it is of epistemic interest (Rolin, 2004). One approach to understanding the “social” in…

Science of Swarms

A survey of swarming, a sub-topic of complexity. No mention of stigmergy though. Collective intelligencecomplexitycraig reynoldsdistributed knowledgeiain couzinSpontaneous orderStigmergySwarm behaviour

The Swarm Lab

Swarm enthusiasts would do well to check out Simon Garnier’s new interdisciplinary initiative Swarm Lab run under the auspices of the Department of Biological Sciences at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Collective intelligencecollective intentionalityComputational Sociologydistributed cognitiondistributed knowledgehuman stigmergyRobotSimon Garnierstigmergicstigmergic cognitionStigmergySwarm intelligenceSwarm robotics