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Proceedings of the Artificial Life Conference 2016

Available for free download here. The special theme of the conference: How can the synthetic study of living systems contribute to societies: scientifically, technically, and culturally? The goal of the conference theme is to better understand societies with the purpose of using this understanding for a more efficient management and development of social systems. AutopoiesisCarlos GershensonCollective…

Science as collective knowledge

Here is the into to Kristina’s article. In contemporary philosophy of science it has become a truism to claim that scientific knowledge is social knowledge. Yet there is a diversity of views about what is “social” in scientific inquiry and why it is of epistemic interest (Rolin, 2004). One approach to understanding the “social” in…

Science of Swarms

A survey of swarming, a sub-topic of complexity. No mention of stigmergy though. Collective intelligencecomplexitycraig reynoldsdistributed knowledgeiain couzinSpontaneous orderStigmergySwarm behaviour