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The maestro — born on this day. I pretty much have all of his back catalogue going back to the 50s. bluegrassbluesCajunClarence “Gatemouth” Browncountryfiddlefunk zydekoguitarJazzLouisianaSwingtexas

NOLA music picks

Here are my favourites from this year’s releases. In effect, a masterclass by each. OffBeat reviews here and here. Cajuncountryfunkin businessLouisianamusicnew orleansShamarr AllensoulYvette Landry

Cajun culture

Unsurprisingly, much like all the individually rich cultural streams that feed emergent Louisiana culture, music and food plays a profound role in Cajun culture. Look out for this documentary “On Va Continuer!” and explore this excellent guide to the Cajun Bayou country and especially the Food Trail. Cajungastronomylocalismlost bayou ramblersLouis MichotLouisianaroots music

David Egan’s last stand

Our great Southern songwriter lays in a recliner, feet propped up into a blanket that covers legs made thin by a cancer whose patience has worn out. Those legs used to amble around one hell of man — a tall, ruggedly handsome man’s man and raconteur gifted in music and conversation. — full article here.…

Remembering Bobby Charles

It’s been just over five years since Bobby Charles died. Here is his fascinating story on NPR. So many of his songs have resonance for me, a good-natured wistfullness despite the subject matter. “He was so unpretentious and laid-back. On further investigation, you’d find out he wrote all these incredible songs.” In his younger years, Mr.…

Happy Birthday “Gatemouth”

A most versatile genius from a very special spot on the map, on the border of Louisiana and Texas. That explains his unique blend of big band, blues, country, cajun, blues, funk and swing. This sums up the man. bluesCajunClarence “Gatemouth” BrowncountryEric ClaptonfunkJazzKeith SperaSwing