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Happy Birthday “Gatemouth”

A most versatile genius from a very special spot on the map, on the border of Louisiana and Texas. That explains his unique blend of big band, blues, country, cajun, blues, funk and swing. This sums up the man. bluesCajunClarence “Gatemouth” BrowncountryEric ClaptonfunkJazzKeith SperaSwing

The real “boss”: Gatemouth

Gatemouth died on this day in 2005. So many tributaries flowing seamlessly into this bona fide genius’s unique style which includes covering Led Zep’s “Rock and Roll” and the Stones’ “Ventilator Blues.” To give an idea of this man’s standing, Clapton was consistently upstaged by him: Clapton very graciously got Gatemouth as support on his 1995 tour…