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Deep Cuts from a Companion to Oakeshott

This is the first in series of extracts that caught my eye while rereading the Companion. The following is from Bob Grant’s chapter The Pursuit of Intimacy, or Rationalism in Love: But Michael was the least materialist, or materialistic, of men. He always believed in the “otherworld” and also that, like Kant’s realm of freedom, it…

Dewey and Oakeshott on Politics and Education

Here’s a very recent paper from the Philosophy of Education. Here is the correct link for Francis Schrag’s reference to Bob Grant’s “On Writing Michael Oakeshott’s Biography.” Speaking of which, Bob Grant has written a fantastic biographical essay “The Pursuit of Intimacy, or Rationalism in Love” for Paul and my Companion. Bob GrantMichael OakeshottPhilosophy of Educationrationalism