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Cryptographic stigmergy

As someone who more or less tracks the various (theoretical and practical) applications of stigmergy this one here is a first. I faintly grasp the issues in blockchain and cryptocurrency so I’m curious as to what stigmergy might bring to my understanding. Correspondingly, I’m curious as to what those in blockchain-crypto circles think of stigmergy?…

Stigmergy and Methodological individualism

We’ve been bloody well saying this for the past decade! Here and here and several other places besides. Good though to see The Review of Austrian Economics carry this paper — the late Don Lavoie (as did Hayek before him) was the first of the new generation of Austrians to explicitly grasp the concept of stigmergy, though admittedly,…

Mises, The Movie

It will be interesting to see if this project actually gets off the ground. To my mind it should be either a fully-fledged theatrical story or a standard documentary — I find documentaries with interspersed reconstructed scenes tiresome and unconvincing. Austrian EconomicsCarl MengerEconomicsFriedrich HayekLiberalismLibertarianismLudwig von Mises