Ludwig Lachmann: Enigmatic and Controversial Austrian Economist

This past weekend I had the good fortune to attend an intimate conference on Ludwig Lachmann, a name that has been lingering in the air for me for many years but that I’d never got round to actually reading. Not only did I for the most part find Lachmann’s writing, notably The Market As an Economic Process, very congenial to someone such as myself who has a longstanding interest in “situated” (i.e. non-rationalist) theorists, but I got to hear a few of those who actually knew him (insofar as one could) and others who are just well-versed in Lachmann’s work. This Liberty Fund Forum now has so much more significance for me though of course I can’t quite grasp the technical aspects of Lachmann’s economics. I’ve been advised that I now should read his The Legacy of Max Weber freely available here.