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Stigmergy in the Human Domain

Just published!  Cognitive Systems Research Vol. 21, March Stigmergic dimensions of online creative interaction Jimmy Secretan Stigmergy in human practice: Coordination in construction work Lars Rune Christensen Stigmergic self-organization and the improvisation of Ushahidi Janet Marsden Emergence in stigmergic and complex adaptive systems: A formal discrete event systems perspective Saurabh Mittal Cognitive stigmergy: A study…

Particle swarm optimization

The latest issue of Swarm Intelligence is now available featuring this paper “A speculative approach to parallelization in particle swarm optimization.” The original formulation of PSO is due to Kennedy, J., Eberhart, R. C., with Shi, Y. (2001). Swarm Intelligence. Morgan Kaufmann. AntArtificial LifeParticle SwarmSwarm intelligence