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One Spring

Karl Bodek and Kurt Conrad Löw, One Spring (1941). (Never again. Who ya gonna call? The groupthink regressives? Nah! They are complicit and culpable). aestheticsArtKarl BodekKurt Conrad Löwregressive left

Carmella Scaggs

I was saddened to learn of my friend Carmella’s passing. She had a meticulous and deep aesthetic eye but moreover she was an incredibly generous and funny spirit and rather down to earth. See the obit in SFGate. (BTW, that’s Carmella’s hand on Boz’ classic Silk Degrees album cover). ArtBoz ScaggsCarmella Scaggsmusic

Largest Private Collection of Islamic Art

It’s one of those delicious cultural ironies (of course there are a few other examples) that a significant amount of Islamic art preservation (and more besides) is down to one Nasser Khalili, a Jewish Iranian-born academic and former art dealer. Ownership is nothing but a myth, we are only a temporary custodian of what we…

Art and Human Nature

New book from Alva Noë. Our lives are structured by organized activities, in the large, in the small. Our lives are one big complex nesting of organized activities at different levels and scales. Talking, walking, eating, perceiving, driving. We are always captured by structures of organization. This is our natural, indeed our biological, condition. It is…

Eric Ravilious

One of my favorite artists — catch this exhibition if you can. In addition to the reviews posted on the gallery’s site, see this article in the NYRB. Ravilious reminds me of Rockwell Kent, another favorite. The Dulwich Gallery is somewhat inconvenient to get to (I used to train it) but it’s well worth the visit…

The Soul of the World

Roger Scruton’s latest (2014) garnering some warm praise, thoughtful discussion rather than the shrill or snide remarks that Roger (one of the most refined minds around) usually attracts. The Independent Wall Street Journal The FT David McPherson architectureArtCognitionconsciousnessExperiencefaithLiteraturemusicReligionRoger Scrutonscience