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Life + Death: Chairmen of the Board

A classic bit of acid funk to blow away the past week, a world away from “Give Me Just A Little More Time”. As per usual AllMusic gets it. Here are a couple of obits for General Johnson in The Guardian and The New York Times. acid funkacid soulchairmen of the boardgeneral johnsonmusicpsychedelic funk


Against the odds, still with us. Happy 74th birthday. acid soulmusicpsychedelic funksly and the family stone

Traveling Soul

I’ve just learnt that there is newly published biography of Curtis Mayfield, a long overdue project I’d been hoping for over the past few years. acid soulCurtis Mayfieldgospelmusicsoul

It was the third of September

Some powerful social commentary from 44 years ago, possibly the greatest psychedelic soul funk song of all time and distressingly, is more salient now than ever before; then check out the Pew Report Parenting in America; and last, but by no means least, Larry Elder’s crisp assessment/diagnostic of the problem: It was the third of September…