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Bowie by O’Neill

An article promoting the immanent release of this book (H/T Richie said). He also brought a dog on to the set, which jumped up in shock at the flash of the strobe lighting, perfectly capturing the kind of avant garde chaos Bowie had intended for his dystopian album, influenced by George Orwell’s 1984. David Bowieelizabeth…

SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock

Though I don’t think this is a very good documentary, it survives deeper analysis because of Mick Rock’s unpretentious geezer-like attitude and, of course, because of the compelling subject matter. Rock, as the cliche goes, “is the man who shot the seventies”. I had the opportunity to catch a modest exhibit of his work at…

Derek Parfit, photographer

I knew that Parfit was a keen photographer with a great eye at least from the cover of Reasons and Persons, but here are many that have remained unseen by most until now. Luchino Visconti would have approved.     Derek ParfitethicsLuchino Viscontipersonal identityphotography

Everything Is Going To Be All Right

Everything is Going to Be All Right, by Jared Ragland, is a photographic meditation on Walker Percy’s classic novel of New Orleans, The Moviegoer . . . Ragland is Binx Bolling with a camera. existentialismJared Raglandnew orleansphilosophical literaturephotographythe moviegoerWalker Percy

Island of the Colorblind

Photographer Sanne de Wilde’s The Island of the Colorblind investigates a Pacific atoll where an unusually high percentage of the population has total color blindness. This phenomenon will of course be familiar to those who have read Oliver Sacks’ book and have seen the accompanying documentary. Cognitive scienceColorOliver SacksphotographyqualiaSanne de Wilde

Masayoshi Sukita

Would someone who owns a copy of this book please invite me to their house to see it: I will bring along the finest archival white gloves. And we can’t do it without Bowie’s favourite wine (Mr. Sukita can tell you which one it is). There is a very slight interview with Masayoshi that is being endlessly recycled…