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Perspectives on Testimony

A reminder: if you haven’t already done so, this special offer has only one week to run (July 21). In addition to the introduction, this issue comprises 10 papers (168 pages). Well worth the effort! Download here EPISTEME homepage

Historical explanation: “dry wall” analogy

This posting refers to this posting.  Excerpt from my Polybius essay. Oakeshott (1983: 94) characteristically offers a brilliant analysis of the problem which he calls the ‘dry wall theory’. Keeping in mind Pedach’s and Walbank’s account of historical development, Oakeshott believes that though historical events are not themselves contingent, they are related to one another contingently.…

Peter Lipton

I was shocked to learn of Peter Lipton’s death. Just this past June, Peter delivered a bravura performance at the EPISTEME Rutgers conference – inference to the best explanation – was unsurprisingly central to his talk. We were thrilled that Peter also agreed to join EPISTEME as an Associate Editor. Peter and I had a correspondence early…