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The Dupe Army or the True Taste Restaurant

In the past I’ve sung the praises of Eric Weinstein’s quality of mind, i.e. his intellectual honesty and rigor pervading eclectic interests that are never monomaniacal. Though its always a pleasure to listen to Eric talk on any topic I want to direct your attention to the Cartesian graph he first mentioned about a year ago on…

Is Technology Killing Capitalism?

Now isn’t this an interesting title? Well, as I discovered a few weeks back when Sam Harris chatted with Eric, EW comes to things with a very provocative, wise, technically sound and cultured background. The cross hair of software . . . pushes private goods into public goods Artificial intelligencecapitalismEconomicsEPISTEMEEric Weinsteinexpertiseinnovationmathematicssam harristechne