Nectar of the gods

Maple syrup is the gastronomic analog of pharmaceutical grade crack cocaine. But not just any maple syrup: I was educated in this by a Québécois chum of mine who sent me two items — Beurre d’érable and Tire à l’érable — that disappeared within days — neat, right out of the jars. This was recently followed with a bottle of Escuminac late harvest, a gift from someone else. Without doubt I will have to work my way through this producer’s other variants. I have the sense that I’m falling down the rabbit hole of maple syrup much like I have done in the past with single malts and some grand cru wines. The sweetness profile is not cloying or cheaply sugary, and has far more going on flavour-wise than most other sweets — resistance is futile even to those who claim not to have a sweet-tooth. If one knows what one is doing, this syrup is a very versatile cooking and baking ingredient.