Jeff Lynne’s ELO

If ever there was a sound that captured the upbeat 70s it would have to be ELO. Whether one was into rock ‘n roll, prog-rock, power pop (even Abba-rites doff their hats), or disco and much in-between, pretty much anyone could get behind ELO’s infectious hooks, lush tongue-in-cheek bombast, danceability and classy production. This emphasis on recording can also be found in 10cc, Steely Dan, Queen, Pink Floyd and the Beatles. So seeing ELO in concert was a joy: they overcame a cavernous concrete space with a sound and vision spectacle that blew everyone away. So obsessive is Lynne, as per the documentary, he has been reworking his back catalogue! Listen to those who know a thing or two about music and the esteem they hold the understated, never hip, Lynne in. And in the late ’80s he gave the decade some badly needed taste and decency.

She’s sweet on Wagner
I’d think she’d die for Beethoven
She loves the way Puccini lays down a tune
And Verdi’s always creeping from her room.