Michael Oakeshott on Authority, Governance, and the State

Due to be published this August.

  • Introduction/Eric S. Kos
  • The State is the Attempt to Strip Metaphor out of Politics/James Alexander
  • The Problem of Liberal Political Legitimacy/David D. Corey
  • Oakeshott on the State: Between History and Philosophy/Gary Browning 
  • Taking Natural Law Seriously within the Liberal Tradition/Timothy Fuller
  • The Authority of the State and the Traditional Realm of Freedom/Carlos Marques de Almeida
  • Anarchic and Antinomian? Oakeshott and the Cambridge School on History, Philosophy, and Authority/Jordan Rudinsky
  • Michael Oakeshott’s Political Realism /Gulsen Seven
  • Government as a British Conservative Understands It: Comments on Oakeshott’s Views on Government/Ferenc Hörcher
  • Global Governance and the “Clandestine Revolution”: From the Legal State to the Judicial State/Agostino Carrino
  • Three Different Critiques of Rationalism: Friedrich Hayek, James Scott and Michael Oakeshott/Shekhar Singh