Super Freak

Born on this day.

It was about three in the morning. We had just put the horn parts on “Give It to Me Baby” when I was sitting in front of the console with my bass. I wasn’t trying to write. I was just noodling. This bass line came out of nowhere. Four descending notes. Nothing particularly striking. It was cheesy, but it was also catchy. I couldn’t stop playing it. At the same time, I started singing, “She’s a very kinky girl…” I was about to stop — the whole thing sounded a little dumb — when one of my cats said, “Cut it, Rick.”
“You crazy?” I asked.
“No man, it’s cool. It’s hypnotic.”
I kept playing the riff and realized that it was hypnotic. Right then and there I had the engineer hook up a mic and started singing the story as it came to me — this story of a super freak. I never wrote down a word. Made it up on the spot.