A Surprise for Pops

Today marks the 75th anniversary of Lucille’s surprising Pops with the purchase of 34-56 107th Street, Corona. The full story here. Each time I have the opportunity to be in New York City, a visit to Louis Armstrong House Museum is highest on my list of priorities as is a visit to the archives at Queens run by the one and only Ricky Riccardi. One of my favourite items in the house is this bible, a gift from Yacov Uriel, inscribed as per the photo below. (I think Yacov is to Pops’ right in the second photo). The positive and wise spirit of Pops really does pervade the house — it’s a good place to take refuge from the hustle and bustle of life if only for a few hours — and if you are NYC-based, you have no excuse not to attend one of the many wonderful events put on there.